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HPFS Summer Camps

High Point Friends School is pleased to announced our 2017 Summer Camps!  The 2017 camps are designed for children ages 2-6.

Incredible fun awaits your camper at High Point Friends School Summer Camp 2017!  There is a camp for everyone!

2017 Summer Camp for Preschoolers Ages 2-6

Summer Camp Descriptions…

To Infinity and Beyond:
Week 1:  June 12-16

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be in space? Now you can experience it for yourself! To blast off our summer camp, we are going to shoot up into space and learn all about the stars, the moon, and what it’s like to be an astronaut! We might even hunt for moon rocks. Hurry up and get on this spaceship because we are blasting off in 3…2…1!

In Our Own Backyard:
Week 2:  June 19-23

Do you love to explore the great outdoors? Together, we will explore the nature right here at High Point Friends School. We will take long nature walks, learn about flowers, make a bird feeder, and even learn how to garden! Get ready to get your hands dirty because the great outdoors await!

Let’s Make Some Noise:
Week 3:  June 26-30

If you love listening to music (or making it), this week is for you. We will learn about all sorts of musical instruments while singing and making cool sounds. We will sing lots of songs, make our own instruments, and even put on a musical performance of our own. Get ready to make some noise!

Construction Zone:
Week 4:  July 3, 5-7
*Happy 4th of July! This camp runs 4 days only

Caution! Caution! Grab your hard hat! You are now entering a construction zone! Grab your tools and your tool belt and get ready to work because we have a lot to do! We will build houses, make some dirt, and bring some of our work home with us. You better get plenty of sleep because we have a busy week ahead of us!

It’s Snowing in July:
Week 5:  July 10-14

Does the thought of July make you sweat? Not me! At High Point Friends School, it’s snowing in July! It may be hot outside, but that won’t stop us from having some winter fun. You can make your own snowman, drink some hot chocolate, and have a snowball fight with all your friends. Take a break from the heat and enjoy this snowy week!

So You Want to Be in the Circus:
Week 6:  July 17-21

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and Girls! Are you ready……to join the circus?! You better buy your ticket now because this circus is sure to sell out. Learn to walk the tight rope, jump through a flaming hoop, and more! Do you have what it takes to join the circus? Come to this week’s camp and find out!

A Week in the Woods:
Week 7:  July 24-28

“Oh Susanna, don’t you cry for me. For I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee…” If you’ve ever thought about going camping then you’ll love our activities this week! You can sing campfire songs, hike, pitch a tent, and more at this camp! Get ready to sit around your very own campfire, eat some s’mores and make some really cool crafts to bring home with you because our week in the woods will be one to remember.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:
Week 8:  July 31– August 4

Do you love Lightning McQueen or Thomas the Tank Engine? This week, we are all about anything that goes! You will learn all about airplanes, cars, trains, and more! Learn what makes them so cool and what makes them safe. You may even get to make your own airplane wings and fly like a real airplane! Start your engines and make sure you get to this camp on time!

Bon Appetit:
Week 9:  August 7-11

Have you ever wanted to star on your own Food Network show, cook like Ratatouille, or just help your mom and dad cook dinner? Well, now you can! Get ready to put on your chef’s hat because we are going to be cooking like crazy! Together, we will mix, pour, spread, and bake. Come to camp with your appetite! Bon appétit!

Super Secret Spy School:
Week 10:  August 14-18

Do you have what it takes to be a spy? Can you complete a top-secret mission? If you think you can, then this is the camp for you. We will work on all of the skills we need to be great spies such as writing secret messages, looking for clues, and everything else we may need to solve a great mystery. Get your disguises ready for your first day at super secret spy school!

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