Lower School Program | Grades K – 5

The Lower School is home to kindergarten through fifth grade students and an enthusiastic, well-qualified staff. The faculty strives to meet the needs of the whole child through thoughtful and meaningful learning. The students are afforded opportunities in experiential learning, active learning, and learning by doing, hands on learning, seminar and discussion to meet the academic as well as the social and emotional needs of all students. Character building is integrated throughout the day and school life with classroom community meetings, daily devotions, weekly chapel, monthly all-school worship, and service learning. The student voice is valued, and positive communication with each other and adults is encouraged and expected.

The classroom teacher is primarily responsible for the core academics of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. Beginning in kindergarten, students are engaged in literacy with phonics, sight reading, literature and vocabulary development. Resource teachers provide weekly art, music, computer, and Spanish classes. Additionally, daily physical education and fitness activities are provided by our physical education teacher for all grade levels.

It is our belief that all students can succeed and thrive in a warm and nurturing atmosphere that challenges the minds and hearts of young children and the adults who teach them.

Kindergarten – 4th Grade school hours: 8:30 – 3:00
5th Grade school hours:  8:30 – 3:15


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