The Parent-Teacher Connection

For over 40 years, the parents and teachers have worked together on the PTC (Parent-Teacher Connection) here at High Point Friends School. The PTC hosts fun fellowship events, as well as, various fundraisers throughout the year.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. All of the PTC events are posted on the school calendar.

If you are interested in learning more about the PTC, please contact the school office at (336) 886-5516.

Fundraising does not always mean selling. There are several programs that the PTC supports that do not include selling, and are easy to participate in. Some of them include: Linking your cards to stores like Harris Teeter (VIC Card), Food Lion (MVP) and Target (Visa and Red Card), and purchasing gift cards through the Scrip Program.

How does Scrip work?

You order gift cards at face value from participating vendors. The Scrip center sells them to the school at a discounted rate (usually around 3-7%), and the school keeps the difference. So, for instance, if you order a $25 card, you will get a $25 card. The cards are the same gift cards you would purchase in a store.  But it’snot just for GIFTS – use the gift cards for your regular spending. Pick up cards from places you typically go – maybe not this week, or even the next, but you know you’ll end up going there. Or, if you have stores you go to regularly (like Walmart or Target), budget your trips by ordering Scrip weekly or bi-weekly.

How do I order?

You can fill out an order form (Click here for Form), enclose a check (or cash), and turn it into the office (or send it in with your child). Be sure to fill out the last page of the form – letting us know your student’s name and grade so we know who to send the cards home with!

Also, you can place your order online at Our enrollment code is 8A5DB1EC25723. After you place your order – the school will receive notification, and you just need to send in your check.

When are orders due, and when will I get my cards?

The cut off for Friday delivery of cards is Tuesday at 2:30. Of course, we take orders all day, every day – but if you need your cards by Friday, make sure to get the order turned in by Tuesday. Cards will be sent home with your child on Friday, or available for pick up at the office usually around noon on Friday.

Don’t want to wait? ScripNow! And Reloads are available for many participating retailers:

1. Reloads. At, you can reload gift cards previously purchased through the Scrip program. As soon as we receive your payment, we release the funds, your request is processed usually in a few hours.

2. ScripNow! Many retailers offer instant gift certificates via email. If you order a ScripNow!, as soon as we receive payment, we release the gift certificate and you receive it in email instantly. You can print the gift certificate (or use the gift card number for online purchases). I’ve never had a problem with a printed certificate.

How do I pay?

You can pay via cash or check (checks written to High Point Friends School). Even when you place an order online, you can choose to send a check or pay via PrestoPay. PrestoPay allows you to pay for your order onion. It does not, however, charge a credit card – it takes money directly from your checking account. So, to set up a PrestoPay account, it will take a few days to ensure the safety of your account.  Please note, there is a $.39 processing fee for PrestoPay. Even after you set up PrestoPay, you will have the option to pay via check or PrestoPay.

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