Statement of Faith Policies

Central to the Christian faith of Quakers is the belief that there is God in every person. Friends encourage everyone to follow the Inner Light within us all. The inherent goodness and equality of every person is a central tenet of the Quaker faith.

As all persons are born with the Light of God within them, Quakers value all people equally, regardless of their economic, cultural, ethnic, or religious background. This belief has led Friends to assist in the abolition of slavery, to promote women’s rights, civil rights and much more during historic times when such beliefs were considered illegal, unfashionable or heretical.

In addition, Friends encourage every person to follow biblical teachings with particular focus on the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship while practicing tolerance, acceptance, understanding, and love. Historically, Friends have emphasized peace and have enthusiastically provided shelter and assistance to those who are persecuted or mistreated by others. Although it is recognized that the world is composed of many different people with different beliefs, Quakers respect diversity of ideals and encourage others to understand and cherish all people and the Light of God within them.

High Point Friends School is a Quaker school that embraces these Christian values. Ours is a community that respects and celebrates diversity which includes, but is not limited to, economic, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Members of our school community recognize that honoring diversity strengthens the educational and life experience of our students and provides a respectful learning environment for all our school family.

Worship and spiritual formation are woven into the fabric of the school’s day-to-day life. All faiths are welcomed, respected, and encouraged.

  • All-school worship once a month led by middle school students, include: ministry and music  (family and friends are welcome)
  • Weekly worship led by lower school grades (family and friends are welcome)
  • Daily classroom devotions and prayer

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