Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission…

High Point Friends School cultivates a diverse community that empowers children with a rigorous academic program emphasizing the development of creative minds, healthy bodies, and ethical spirits through the appreciation of the arts, physical fitness, and lifelong learning and service to others. Through the Quaker principles of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship, we encourage each child to embrace these fundamentals as they become independent, self-sufficient young adults who are equipped to contribute responsibly to our ever-changing world.

Friends have a long tradition of providing outstanding education that is focused on moral and spiritual development balanced with intellectual growth. In keeping with the Friends values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community and equality, High Point Friends School values diversity among students and seeks to help students of all faiths grow into socially responsible, compassionate people.

Faculty and staff are a strong, close-knit, supportive group who share a common goal and belief system. Our creative hands-on curriculum emphasizes proficiency in math, science, social studies and literature, as well as a deep appreciation for music and art.

High Point Friends School provides a nurturing environment that encourages growth, fosters the development of moral and ethical values, and respect for individual differences. Students are challenged to recognize and appreciate their own potential, to encourage the potential in others, to value and respect other opinions and to feel free to express their inner self.

In order to meet the educational needs of each student, the faculty at High Point Friends School strives to incorporate a wide range of learning activities within the curriculum. Our creative hands-on approach emphasizes proficiency in math, science, social studies and literature, as well as a deep appreciation for music and art. Learning is enhanced when students are able to manipulate concepts, to develop theories, to work together in teams and to apply what is learned to new situations. To meet these goals, the curricular focus at High Point Friends School is on experiential learning.

Individualism and strong moral and ethical character are also core values of High Point Friends School. Students learn to balance educational and personal needs with the needs and concerns of the community around them. Service learning activities are a large part of who we are as a school community. The service activities in which our students participate are age-appropriate and challenge each student’s sense of mission.

Recognizing the special needs and gifts of each individual student, the atmosphere is warm, nurturing and orderly to encourage a love of learning that is equally matched with character-driven, socially responsive students.

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