Annual Fund

Each year, the trustees, parents, grandparents, friends, alumni, vendors, members of High Point Friends Meeting and the faculty & staff of High Point Friends School are asked to make a contribution to the school’s Annual Fund.  Your participation in the HPFS Annual Fund helps to ensure that our school’s financial objectives are met.  By your support, you are also leading by example and showing the children and the entire HPFS family the importance you place on the quality of our students’ education.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund, which is the Trustees’ primary fund-raising vehicle for HPFS, generates a critical component of the School’s operating budget.  By maximizing our financial resources, HPFS is better able to attract and retain highly experienced and qualified faculty with more competitive salaries, upgrade technology & instructional materials, help underwrite collateral educational opportunities and enhance the overall learning experience for our students.  Tuition alone does not cover the cost of an HPFS education. Yet we endeavor keep our school’s tuition competitive.  Thus, every student in the school is supported by the Annual Fund.

What role do I play in fund-raising?

The various communities listed above have customarily supported their students’ schools with financial giving. This philanthropic tradition has a long history among independent schools in the United States.  Your contribution aids in keeping our tuition rates as competitive as possible while fostering academic excellence, spiritual values and social responsibility.  We hope you will see the benefit in joining with other HPFS communities to support the 2014-2015 Annual Fund.

Again, are planning a “premium package” for new givers and those who increase their giving by 10% or more over last year’s gift.   Included will be prominent placement of the “110% Club” honorees’ names in the school entryway and on our web site. (See bottom of this page for current honorees).

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Important note:  Percentage of participation, particularly by parents, is an important indicator used by philanthropic organizations and certification groups in judging the vitality of the school.

So even a small gift has a significant impact.

There are different levels of giving:

Philosopher ($5,000 +)
Scholar ($2,500 ~ 4,999)
Enlightener ($1,200 ~ 2,499)
Professor ($600 ~ 1,199)
Mentor ($300 ~ 599)
Instructor ($100 ~ 299)
Tutor (up to $99)

High Point Friends School Annual Fund Report 2014-2015

As of November 20, 2014, the following friends have already given to the HPFS 2014-2015 Annual Fund (Please note: Bold names reflect the “110% Club“. These are friends that have either increased their donation by 10% from last year or are first time givers giving a targeted amount):

($2,500 ~ $4,999)
Fulton, Phillip
Girardi, David

($1,200 ~ $2,499)
Kwon, Paul
Stoneking, Brad

Tomlinson, Allen and Judy

($600 ~ $1,199)
Allen, Dan
Briggs, Benjamin
Caress, Dr. James and Dr. Leanne Kay Willis
Farlow, Colon
Rush, John Charles

($300 ~ $599)
Barbour, Lara
Burris, Brad
Farlow, Mary
Hanopole, Jennifer
Kellum, Kelvin and Kathleen
Lambeth, Gayle
Lusiana, Rob
Puschinsky, Richard and Emily
Wheatley, Ray and Lisa
Wright, Carl

($100 ~ $299)
Albright, Carol
Beatty, David and Christine\
Bethel, Lee Ann
Brinkley, Brad and Amy Baruch
Clodfelter, Anke and Byron
Embler, Jonathan
Hancock, Tom
Howell, Lori
Howell, Walter, D.D.S.
Kennett, Gloria
Kidd, Lucinda
Lucas, John and Deborah
Mendenhall, Charles
Michael, Bobby R.
Michaux, Mary
Miller, David and Victoria
Moreno, Irene
Mous, A. Nony
Niebauer, Robert and Kathy
Sloane, Ann M.

Albright, Mark and Susan
Allred, Teresa
Banks, Mason K.
Baruch, Gene and Marlene
Bohannon, David and Helen
Calfee III, James and Heather
Carron, Hayden and Sara Moreno
Carter, Gary and Vanessa
Carter, Jaime
Dull, Geoff
Durham, Ruth
Elliott, Augustus and Tara
Farlow, Christopher J.
Farlow, Russell
Felton, Ellen D.
Frei, Jennifer
Harris, Jean
Harris, Joshua and Rachel
Hedrick, Thad and Wendy
Higgins, Brett and Christi
Key, Katie
Koczur, Daniel
LeCompte, Jody
LeCompte, Priscilla
Lytle, Donna
Mendenhall, Kathryn
Miller, Robert and Barbara
Moore, Doug
Neal, Jerry and Patricia
Nixon, Barbara
Payne, George and Paula
Quattrone, Madelyn and Denis
Robertson, BJ and Hollis
Robertson, Dee
Rush, Amy
Sarrimanolis, Stamatis
Segraves, Dale and Denise
Selleck, Linda
Shellabarger, Doug and Jenny
Stackhouse, Lee and June
Turner, Gary and Anita
Uhler, Jean U.
Wilson, Kirk and Sherry

Note:  If your name is missing, in the incorrect category, misspelled or you would prefer a different name format, please contact Jennifer Waite:

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