Financial Aid Scholarship Fund

Every child deserves a wonderful education no matter what their family financial situation. At High Point Friends School, we are fortunate to have many people with a giving heart who contribute generously to enable students with demonstrated need to attend this shool The primary source of financial aid is the investment income from the Louise B. Honbarrier Scholarship Fund established through a gift of one million dollars by Archie L. Honbarrier in June, 2010, in memory of his wife Louise.

High Point Friends Meeting also provides tuition assistance for member families and also funds the Quaker Heritage Scholarship for new Quaker students from other Meetings.

The following is a list of those who have generously contributed to the Financial Aid fund during the past year:

Archie L. Honbarrier in memory of Louise Brewer Honbarrier

High Point Friends Meeting


Billy and Viola Britt

Christopher & Kimberly Roberts in memory of Brenda Babson Johnson

Colon and Mary Farlow

John and Mary Porter

Kelly and Kathy Kellum

Linda Selleck

Mary A. Porter Said in honor of Mary Porter

Marilyn Porter in honor of Mary Porter

Mildred Mathews

Susan Steelman

…Thank you!

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