Application Process

High Point Friends School seeks to attract a diverse and talented body of students who are interested in pursuing a challenging and varied academic program. We welcome students of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds who feel a sense of commitment to our shared values of simplicity, peace-making, integrity, community, equality and personal responsibility.

Students with Diverse Needs

As is true at most independent schools, some students at HPFS are gifted, most are above average, and some have learning differences or special needs. Due to our low teacher-student ratio, the staff is able to identify and work with many special needs students. Experience has taught us, however, that limits exist, both in the range of needs that we can meet and in the number of students with special needs whom we can effectively teach.

Parents who expect that accommodations may be necessary for a student to achieve successfully at HPFS are advised to share all information regarding their child’s needs at the beginning of the application process. Failure to disclose information related to special needs before admission can result in the required withdrawal of the student and forfeiture of tuition.

High Point Friends School provides:

  • A well qualified staff who nourishes and challenges their students
  • An environment based upon Quaker Christian principles and welcoming of all faiths
  • A strong, college preparatory curriculum with an accelerated math program and challenging science program.
  • An environment which encourages diversity
  • Small classes and individual attention
  • A staff who is able to facilitate the learning process of students with moderate special needs
  • A hands-on, inquiry-based and challenging learning environment

Steps in the Admission Process to High Point Friends School

Lower or Middle School Admissions

Request an Application

  • Submit completed application with the $75.00 application fee.
  • All applicants for Lower or Middle School will be screened in reading, math and writing prior to acceptance
  • Applications for Lower or Middle School must include a copy of previous year’s final report card, a copy of the most recent/current school year’s report card, and a copy of the most recent standardized test scores.
  • Recommendations from current and former teachers
  • A tour of the school and an on-campus interview will be scheduled by the School Office.
  • HPFS administrators will review the applications, test scores, grade reports and interview notes prior to making an admission decision.
  • Applicants will be notified of enrollment status by mail.

Questions regarding the application/enrollment process, status of application or appointment for interview should be directed to Lore Fariss, Director of Development at (336) 886-5516 or via email at

International Students

High Point Friends School has been approved by the United States Department of Homeland Security to accept non-immigrant international students. Students can be accepted in grades 5-8.

Preschool Admissions

Request an application through Lore Fariss, Director of Development, at (336) 886-5516 or via email at

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