2015 HPFS Science Fair Winners

We are extremely proud of all of our 4th-8th grade students who participated in the 2015 HPFS Science Fair. The projects were exceptional! The following is a list of the students who will be representing HPFS at the next level of competition:

Category                    Grade       Place       Students
Elementary                   4th               1                Jack Brinkley
Elementary                   4th               2               Shari Stevenson
Elementary                   4th               3               Charlie Erikson
Elementary                   4th               3               Riley Hinkle

Biology A                      5th                1               Sarah Barbour, Avery Higgins, Darcy Barefoot
Biology A                      5th                2              Warner Vaughan, Ashley George
Biology B                      7th                1               Nic Foster
Biology B                      5th                2              Drew Lytle, Harry Lawson, Will Smith
Biology B                      8th                3              Sam Barefoot

Chemistry                    7th                1                Will and Ben Stonking
Chemistry                    5th                2               Henry Erikson, Josh Albright
Chemistry                    5th                3               Ada Ingram

Earth/Environ.            8th                1               Emily and James Leung

Physics                         6th                 1               Kayla Richard,Benjamin Bonnick,Morgan Mayson
Physics                         5th                 2              Jonah Keshguerian
Physics                         7th                 3              Anna Wood

Tech./Eng.                  6th                 1               Nadia Kahn
Tech./Eng.                  6th                 2               Jana Yan
Tech./Eng.                  7th                 3               Matthew Yan

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